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Fly agaric. 
They are sometimes Red, Yellow, Or white. depending on the climate they are grown at. these are Naturally psychedlic mushrooms.

The stems willl only provide you with Enchanced dream Recall, Very weird dreams. All you need is 1G per Night ( one stem ).  if you want the caps you need 5gs to feel a effect, contact me and ask, but i do not suggest trying to get high off these as they are for EXPERIENCED Psyconauts. you will get a dream like state, visions, and you will see the emotions you have been putting off and ignoring ( some would call this a bad trip, i Call it self healing ) 

This mushroom is the shroom that is responaible for the stonned ape theroy. Monkeys ate these shrooms and started to become more and more concious till they eventually eveolved into Neanderthals.

Fly Agaric Stems ( Dream Enhancers )

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